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  • How does it work?

    Finding your dream dress at Charlotte's Closet is super easy and FUN! Browse through our extensive collection of designer dresses from the comfort of your home! Search by designer, color, size, style, occasion and/or event date. Choose one size and can even opt to select a second size as back up on us!

    How it works:

    Select your event date (package will arrive two to three days before your party):

    DAY 1      Receive Dress

    DAY 2-3  Try it on and accessorize


    DAY 5      Pack your dress in the original box, attach the pre-paid return label provided and drop off at your local UPS.

    No dressing room meltdowns. No waiting on long lines at the post office.  We take care of the dry cleaning!


  • How do you choose dresses for your site?

    Our experts have scoured the fashion market to find the latest, most stylish on-trend designers. We have hand picked all of our pieces with our fashion forward customers in mind and will constantly be updating our inventory with the latest and greatest styles!

  • How long do I get to borrow my dress?

    You will have five days, including the day you receive and return the dress(es). Please contact us at with any questions.
  • What are my shipping options?

    Once you choose your event date, we will automatically apply the correct shipping method. The standard shipping charge is $12 per order. Your package will arrive via UPS within two to three business days between 8am-8pm. If you are renting dresses within the same order with different event dates your shipping costs will increase. You can also opt for the following shipping options:

    Orders placed after 1:00pm eastern standard time will be processed the following day.

    • UPS Ground $12
    • UPS 3 Day $30
    • UPS 2 Day $40
    • UPS Overnight $50 (Does not include saturday delivery. There is an extra fee so call for pricing)
  • What if I need to borrow a dress for longer than the five-day period?

    Contact us at if you wish to keep your dresses for longer than five days. An additional fee will apply.
  • How many dresses can I borrow at one time?

    We allow our customers to borrow up to three styles (six dresses maximum) at a time. Shipping for the first style (plus the extra size we throw in for FREE!) will be $12 and if you are borrowing additional pieces shipping cost will be calculated by weight.
  • What if my return date falls on a Sunday?

    Not a problem! Send us the dress(es) on Monday by 12pm local time.

  • How do I return my dress after my event?

    Returning is super simple! After you've rocked your dress at your event, simply put dress(es) in the original package, attach pre-paid return label provided and drop off at your nearest UPS.
  • What happens if I'm late returning my dresses?

    If your dresses are not sent back to us by the return date you will be charged a $40 per day late fee (per package). After 15 days we will consider your items a non-return and you will be charged up to 2x's the retail value of each dress minus maximum late fees incurred. Please contact us at with further questions.
  • What if I lose my return packaging/return UPS label?

    We highly suggest keeping your original packaging and return label provided. If you lose these items, you are responsible for the cost of shipping back your items by the return date as listed on your online invoice. You are also required to provide us with your tracking number. Returns should be sent to:

    Charlotte's Closet
    215 West 40th Street, 4th Floor
    NY NY 10018
    Attn: Returns Department
  • What happens if I damage or stain the dress?

    We get it. Things happen. The $6 insurance fee will take care of minor dress issues but if a dress is damaged beyond repair or is not returned the customer is responsible for dress replacement and that is not covered under initial insurance fee. Please refer to the Terms of Service for detailed information. We do reserve the right to charge you for the cleaning cost to remove significant stains or repair damage.
  • Where are you able to ship dresses?

    We currently ship anywhere in the 48 continental United States.
  • What is your refund policy?

    For a dress that just doesn't work we offer a merchandise credit that will not expire. We do not offer refunds. You must contact us at within 24 hours of receiving your dress to qualify for a merchandise credit. Credit will not apply to shipping and insurance costs.
  • Can I book an appointment to try the dresses on?

    YES! If you live in the NYC area (or want to make the trip to see us), you can book a private appointment to find your party dress. Choose up to five styles, try on and reserve up to five months in advance. Reserve your dress and receive the week of your party. Done! Contact us at to book your appointment.
  • What is the Home Try-on Option?

    You can also try on dresses at your home before your event with our Home Try-On Program. For $29.95 plus $12 to ship you can have up to three dresses delivered right to your doorstep to model looks at home. You will have 24 hours to choose your dress before shipping back to us. The home try on fee of $29.95 will be applied towards your future rental within six months. The home try-on program is only available Monday-Thursday.
  • What if I reserve my dress early and something happens to it before my event?

    We begin preparing your dress specifically for you well in advance. We will contact you immediately in the rare occurrence that something unexpected happens to your dress prior to this period and we will work with you to find an alternate style.
  • What if I change my mind after I select my dress?

    You can make minor changes once you’ve made your selection.   Contact us at with any questions.
  • Will I need to clean or steam my dress before wearing it?

    Nope!  We will clean and steam your dress before we ship it!
  • Do I need to dry clean my dress before sending it back?

    Nope! Just send it back to us and we will take care of the dry cleaning!
  • What if the dress doesn't fit?

    We want to make you happy and realize that sometimes the dress just doesn't work. Email us at and we can help you find another style plus (new UPS charges will apply) .

  • Have a question regarding fit?

    Please contact us at with any fit questions.
  • How do I know my dress size?

    It's great if you get the chance to try on the designer you are looking to borrow to know the fit. But if not, please check out How to Measure for detailed information.
  • Still have questions?

    Please contact us at 

    Are you ready to find your dream dress?

    Ready, Set, Rent!

  • What is ENDLESS?

    ENDLESS is the new way to shop the brands you love! ENDLESS is a monthly clothing rental subscription service for teen girls/young adults. Choose 1, 2 or 3 new items each month from our vast selection of casual dresses, rompers, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits and jackets to add to your wardrobe. Rock your looks all month long and repeat.

  • How does it work?

    1. Sign up for ENDLESS HERE
    2. Choose your monthly plan
    3. Browse the ENDLESS collection. You'll find all of your favorite designers and pieces perfect for school, GNO, parties and everything in-between.
    4. Select pieces (with sizes) and click ADD to ENDLESS cart. Add 1,2 or 3 pieces depending on the subscription plan you have chosen.
    5. We'll ship your first package within a few days with the items you have selected.
    6. ROCK your new items all month.
    7. Send back in the white bag with return label attached and send back to us.
    8. REPEAT steps 4-6!
  • How long can I keep the items?

    You will have the clothes for a month from the date you sign up, however, if you need to carry a specific piece over for another month that's ok too.

  • How do I return the items?

    Simple! Place items in the white return bag we've provided. There is already a return label attached. Send back to us. Once your items are received, you can choose your next ENDLESS items.

  • What if I lost the return bag?

    Please contact our office at 516-570-0200 and we can assist. There is a small fee to provide additional packaging and label.

  • Is there a discount to try ENDLESS?

    YES! Enter promo code 50OFF to receive 50% off your first month.

  • How much does ENDLESS cost?

    We currently offer 3 monthly subscription programs:

    • 1 clothing item to keep for the month: $49.95
    • 2 clothing items to keep for the month: $69.95
    • 3 clothing items to keep for the month: $99.95
  • What is the $5 insurance fee for?

    We add $5 insurance to each subscription, which covers normal wear and tear on the items.

  • What is the shipping cost?

    Shipping is always free both ways.

  • How can I sign up?

    Visit and Sign Up under the Log in to get started.

  • Can I cancel at anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Please call 516-570-0200 to or email to cancel your subscription. All of your items must be returned before your subscription is canceled.

  • How am I billed?

    Your credit card will be billed automatically on a monthly basis. The date will be consistent with the day of the month that you first became a Charlotte's Closet ENDLESS member.

  • Are these clothes used?

    Well, yes, but Charlotte's Closet take great pride and care of each garment. Each piece is carefully cleaned, inspected (a few times!) before being shipped to you and is always in pristine condition.

  • Can I wash the clothes at home?

    We care for all of the garments and hope you will not need to clean but if you must care for an item during the month please call us at 516-570-0200 for specific cleaning instructions. Most of the garments can be washed in a gentle cycle in cold water (line dry) or dry cleaned.

  • If I love one (or all!) of the pieces, can I buy from you?

    Yes! If you love it and need it in your forever closet you can purchase the item. Each garment is individually priced so please call 516-570-0200 to purchase an item in your ENDLESS package. We will always offer a discount off the retail price if you purchase. All sales are final.

  • I still have questions, who can I contact?

    Please call 516-570-0200 or email with further questions Happy shopping!