By Charlotte's Closet

ENDLESS is a clothing rental membership service for teen girls and young adults. Choose from our vast selection of casual dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms and jackets to add to your wardrobe. Rock your looks all month long and repeat. Buy what you love (at a discount!) or send back for more. It's that simple! 

How Your Endless Membership Works

Shop Around

Sign up and Shop! -- Choose your plan and add at least 10 pieces to your virtual closet. You're even able to heart your favorites and comment on your must haves! The more you add, the more we'll get to know your style.


Once you've selected your favorites submit your order so our personal stylists can start preparing your box!

Rock It

Sport your new looks all month long!


Send back your items to start the cycle over!


Your new clothes will be removed from your closet, freeing up space to add your new favorite styles.

Keep Your Faves

Contact us if you NEED a piece in your forever closet. We'll even provide you with a discount off the purchase price.

Start Your Endless Membership

Endless I

Choose 1 piece to wear for the month.

Endless II

Choose 2 pieces to wear for the month.

Endless III

Choose 3 pieces to wear for the month. 

Endless FAQ

What is ENDLESS?

Endless is a monthly clothing membership service specifically designed for teens/young adults. Choose one of three membership plans, add pieces to your closet, heart your favorites and get ready to rock your looks all month long. You can even purchase items at a discount. Free shipping and cleaning, always.

How does it work?

1. Choose from one of three membership plans 

2. Add at least 10 items to your closet, heart your favorites (you can even add comments for those must-haves needed) 

3. Get ready to rock your looks all month long 

4. Return after the month for new pieces or purchase at a discount 

5. Repeat! 

How much does ENDLESS cost?

We currently offer three monthly membership plans: 

Choose 1 piece to keep for the month : $49.95 

Choose 2 pieces to keep for the month: $69.95 

Choose 3 pieces to keep for the month: $99.95 

How long can I keep the items?

You will have the clothes for a month from the date you sign up, however, you can hang on to the pieces for as long as you’d like. Send them all back when you want to exchange for new pieces.

How do I return the items?

Simple! Place the items in the enclosed return bag provided. We’ve already attached the return label.

What if I lost the return bag?

How can I sign up?


Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes! Once items are returned, you can suspend or cancel your membership at any time. See your dashboard for details or contact us at help@charlottes-closet.com if you need assistance.

How am I billed?

Your credit card will be automatically charged on a monthly basis. The date will be consistent with the day your membership started.

Are these clothes used?

Although there are times when you will receive new items, most of the items are “pre-loved.” Charlotte’s Closet takes great pride and care of each garment. Each piece is carefully cleaned, inspected (a few times!) and in pristine condition before being shipped.

Can I wash the clothes at home?

We care for all of the garments and hope you will not need to clean them during your membership. If you must care for an item during the month please email help@charlottes-closet.com for specific cleaning instructions. Most of the garments can be washed in a gentle cycle in cold water and hung dry.

If I love one (or all!) of the pieces, can I buy from you?

YES of course! If you love it and need it in your forever closet you can purchase the item. We will always offer a discount off the retail price! Each garment is individually priced so please email us at help@charlottes-closet.com discuss. All sales are final.

I still have questions, who can I contact?


Email us at help@charlottes-closet.com or give us a call at 516.570.0200.